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E-Scooter Buying guide by Aurora Electric

It is estimated that electric scooters are five times faster than walking and are extremely inexpensive and environmentally friendly.Seeing people passing you on their electric scooters, you may be thinking that an e-scooter may suit your commuter lifestyle as well.However, it can be hard to choose an electric scooter that’s right for you with so many options.To assist you in making this critical decision, we have compiled this beginner’s guide to electric scooters.There are some key considerations to choosing a perfect electric scooter:Riding DistanceAn e-scooter with a 25-30km range is ideal for most daily commute riders. It allows users to go about an average of 25km in their short journey before they need to recharge.And a scooter with a range...

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Eco Portable Scooter

Lightweight Electric Scooter with 5.0Ah Battery Major Material: Aluminium materials Net Weight: 7.5kg Battery: 5.0Ah, 18650 battery Battery charge voltage: DC 29.4V Battery charging time: 3 Hours Motor: 250W Max Speed: 23km/h Mileage: 8-12km Max Load Capacity: 90kg Grade ability: 20 degree Color: Black, red, green,white.

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