FreeMove DK200
FreeMove DK200
FreeMove DK200

FreeMove DK200

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FreeMove DK200 is an off-road mountain electric bike that is designed for high performance and durability. 

Key Features

High-Speed Brushless Motor:
The bike is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor, which provides smooth operation with reduced friction and noise. The motor power is 750W for the rear wheel, enhancing speed and riding power.

20'' Fat Tires:
The bike features 20"x4" wide tires with an inner tube. These fat tires have an uninterrupted concave-convex pattern to increase friction with the ground, prevent slipping, and ensure safe movement even in snow.

Removable Lithium Battery:
The FreeMove DK200 comes with a 48V 20Ah integrated lithium-ion battery. This battery is removable and can be charged separately. It offers a range of up to 80 KM in pedal assist mode and about 65 KM in pure electric mode.

High Intensity Headlight:
The bike is equipped with an ultra-bright headlight to ensure safe night rides.

Multi-functional Display:
The smart display tracks speed, mileage, battery capacity, and time, providing real-time monitoring of the ride.

Anti-slip Handbrake:
The handbrake features a helical rotary handle structure, offering a broad transmission range for more torque and preventing accidental starts.

Front Suspension:
The bike has a front-wheel suspension system for superior shock absorption, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.


**Motor Power**: 750W nominal, 1200W peak.
**Battery Capacity**: 48V 20Ah, 960Wh Lithium.
**Range**: 25-45 miles (40-70 KM).
**Max Speed**: 30-35 mph (32 mph).
**Charging Time**: 4-5 hours.
**Weight**: 78 lb.
**Carrying Capacity**: 400 lb.
**Brake Device**: Disc Brake - Hydraulic.
**Waterproof Rating**: IPX5.
**Dimensions**: 66.9" (L) x 28.5" (W) x 36.6" (H).
**Gradeability**: 30°[2].

The FreeMove DK200 is designed for both daily commuting and adventurous off-road riding, offering a blend of power, safety, and convenience.