2024 T10A 500w powerful motor 40km long range off-roader

2024 T10A 500w powerful motor 40km long range off-roader

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The T10A electric scooter is a versatile and powerful model designed for both commuting and off-road use. 

Key Features and Specifications

1. **Motor and Performance**:
   - The T10A is equipped with a powerful motor, typically around 1000W, with peak power reaching up to 1600W.
   - It offers a maximum speed of approximately 45 km/h (28 mph), making it suitable for fast commuting.
   - The scooter can handle inclines up to 22%, which is beneficial for hilly terrains.

2. **Battery and Range**:
   - It features a 52V 10.5Ah battery, providing a range of up to 36 km (22 miles) on a single charge.
   - The battery capacity ensures that the scooter can cover significant distances without frequent recharging.

3. **Build and Design**:
   - The T10A has a robust build with a weight of 46 lbs (21 kg), making it relatively portable for its class.
   - It includes 10-inch pneumatic tires that offer a smooth ride and good shock absorption.
   - The scooter is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, enhancing safety and control during rides.

4. **Suspension and Comfort**:
   - Integrated shock absorbers in the front steering column and rear twin hydraulic suspension provide excellent ride comfort and stability.
   - This makes the T10A suitable for various terrains, including off-road conditions.

5. **Additional Features**:
   - The scooter comes with a color LCD display that shows essential information such as speed, battery level, and mileage.
   - It also features full-body LED lights for better visibility and safety during night rides.
   - The folding handlebar design adds to its portability and ease of storage.

- **Powerful Motor**: The 1000W motor with a peak of 1600W ensures strong performance and the ability to tackle steep inclines.
- **Good Range**: A range of up to 36 km is sufficient for daily commuting and short trips.
- **Comfortable Ride**: The dual suspension system and pneumatic tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride on various surfaces.
- **Safety Features**: Front and rear disc brakes, along with LED lights, enhance safety during rides.