The Apollo Go electric scooter by Zyiteblog

The Apollo Go electric scooter offers a great balance of performance, control, and customization for commuters. Here are the key points :

Customizable Controls

- The Apollo Go allows you to customize the speed modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport) to your preferred settings, unlike most scooters with fixed modes.[1] This eliminates frustration from modes being too fast or slow.
- You can also adjust acceleration response, regenerative braking strength, cruise control activation time, and turn signal behavior via the app.[1]
- This level of customization makes the riding experience more intuitive and tailored to your preferences.

Decent Performance

- Dual 350W motors with 750W peak power per motor allow a top speed of 28 mph and ability to climb 25% hills easily.[2]
- 30-mile range from the 36V 15Ah battery pack utilizing efficient 21700 cells.[2]
- Weighs 46 lbs which is manageable but may be heavy for some. Has a grab handle for easier carrying.

Build Quality and Safety

- Sleek aluminum frame designed with input from the community.
- IP66 water resistance rating and UL certification for safety.
- Puncture-resistant self-healing tires and rear drum brake for low maintenance.[
- 12-month warranty with 10,000 km frame coverage.

While not the absolute highest performer, the Apollo Go stands out with its high degree of rider customization not found in most scooters at this price point.[1][2] The balance of power, range, and quality construction makes it a compelling option for urban commuters.

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