Unagi Model One Voyager Review by Zyiteblog

The Unagi Model One Voyager has received a variety of reviews from different sources, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses. Here is a comprehensive summary based on the provided reviews:

1. **Design and Build Quality**:
   - The Unagi Model One Voyager is praised for its sleek, lightweight, and modern minimalist design, often compared to high-end products like those from Apple.
   - It features high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum, contributing to its lightweight and robust build.

2. **Performance**:
   - The scooter offers a longer range of up to 25 miles, which is a significant improvement over the original Model One Classic.
   - It has dual 250W motors (500W peak power each), providing fast acceleration and a top speed of 20 mph.
   - The Voyager includes a mobile app for additional features like electronic locking and ride mode adjustments.

3. **Convenience**:
   - The scooter is easy to set up, fold, and carry, making it ideal for last-mile commutes.
   - The subscription plan offered by Unagi is highlighted as a cost-effective option for those who prefer not to purchase the scooter outright.

1. **Ride Comfort**:
   - The solid 7.5-inch tires, while puncture-proof, do not provide good shock absorption, leading to a rough ride on uneven surfaces.
   - The lack of suspension further exacerbates the issue, making long rides uncomfortable.

2. **Price**:
   - At $1,490, the Unagi Model One Voyager is considered expensive, especially given that similar performance specs can be found in cheaper models.
   - The high price tag is justified by its luxury design and ease of use, but it may not offer the best value for money in terms of raw performance.

3. **Additional Features**:
   - Some reviewers noted that the horn is not very effective, and the bell emits an annoying beeping noise.
   - The scooter's IPX4 rating means it can handle light splashes but is not suitable for riding in heavy rain.

The Unagi Model One Voyager is a premium electric scooter that excels in design, build quality, and convenience. It is particularly well-suited for urban commuters who value aesthetics and ease of use over raw performance. However, its high price and less comfortable ride on rough roads may be a drawback for some users. The subscription plan offers a more affordable way to experience the scooter's benefits without the high upfront cost.

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